16 Year Old Program
Shore Points prides itself on outstanding customer service. We strive to meet the scheduling needs of our clients, as well as their instructional needs. Each student is assessed and evaluated throughout the 6-hour training course. Close monitoring and written evaluation allows for parent, student and instructor interaction with regard to necessary skills related to becoming a safe and responsible driver.
16 year-old program: 6 Hours Behind the Wheel
This course is designed for 16-year-old students for obtaining the NJ Student permit. This course provides 6 hours of training, which is required by the state of NJ. At the completion of the 6-hour program the student will acquire a valid student permit. This is valid for practice driving under NJ GDl regulations.

A driving school must accompany all New Jersey 16 year olds to DMV to obtain a student permit. Shore Points offers a service that includes round-trip service from home to the DMV, where the permit would be generated.
If the 16 year old has failed the written examination previously (or has not taken it), they can take the exam that day. If they passed the written exam in school they should have received a blue or green scorecard.

In order to purchase a permit at 16 (17 & older will need “6 pts. of ID “), we will need the following:
Note - Please do not mail any of the below.

Green Application completed (make sure Social Security # is clearly written) Signed Contract
Score card if test was passed in Drivers Ed $10.00 cash for permit
Glasses or Contacts for vision test Check or cash for lessons
Original Birth Certificate (not a copy or hospital issue), U.S. Passport, or Resident Alien Card